Return & Refund Policy

1. Buyers are eligible for return/refund only if the products are purchased through

2. We will only refund or replace the products if they are found to be faulty or damaged and purchased from our website. To be eligible for the return/refund the buyer needs to contact us within 1 day of receiving the product.

3. The return and refund are applicable only if the product has been damaged in transit or is found to be expired at the time of receiving.

4. The buyer shall be entitled to refund only if the product is returned in the original condition to the seller.

5. The refund or returns will be processed only after we receive the damaged products in the original condition.

6. We should be communicated via e-mail at

7. The buyer’s proof of purchase/order information must also be included along with the returned product.

Cancellation Policy

1. An order cannot be cancelled once it is processed successfully on the payment gateway.

2. A buyer is not eligible for a refund if:

The buyer gives a wrong delivery address
The buyer refuses to accept the delivered package for any reason.Non-availability of the buyer at the time and place of delivery.

3. The eligible refund amount shall be credited to the buyer  within 4-5
business days.